Henry walking with the Cross in Benin, Africa


   Please allow us to introduce ourselves.  God has a wonderful plan for each person's life, including yours. We know that part of fulfilling that plan is connecting with other people and becoming part of a team. Brothers & Sisters in Christ or BASIC Ministries is dedicated to helping people find and fulfill God’s purpose for them. Henry Pulsifer, the facilitator of the International Jesus Team, is the founder and director of BASIC. He has experienced God's victory in his life for over 59 years.  In 1974, God led him to start BASIC Ministries.  During 1982, doctors diagnosed Henry with stage 4 cancer, and gave him a year to live. God healed him as he walked with the cross, and raised him up. He then sent him to the roadsides of the world walking with the Cross, interceding for nations and people, sharing Jesus, discipling new converts, and training workers for the harvest.  He has seen first hand how God moves when people team up to do God’s work. 

   As facilitators of The International Jesus Team our desire is to help God’s people connect so they can become a team and build His Kingdom. We know that God has put in the heart of every believer as sense of purpose for their life. Many who are sitting in a seat during a church service on Sunday morning have a desire to do great exploits for God, they just need help doing it. By providing a place where they can find people, training and resources it is our hope that you and others will be able to fulfill the purpose God has for your lives. We simply want to serve those who want to reach the unreached of the world with the message of Jesus.

   Its is our hope you will register and find other believers with the same ministry interest you have. It is our prayer that as you make contact that God will connect you with those He wants you to work with , and guide you as you build relationships with them. If you have not already done so, please register so we can help you as you seek to fulfill the dream God has put in your heart. Let’s build The Kingdom of God together and change the world.




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